I agree to the terms of service. We’re a high-quality music licensing platform providing pre-cleared music, custom song creation, and major rights clearance for content creators. Enter your username and password below. You might notice things look a bit crisper around here. For example embed a TONE-Tag in a radio advertisement and deliver a coupon, event flyer, that coincides with the advertisement, directly to the listener.

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A Contraluz, a song by Bocatabú on Spotify

Create an Account Get access to pricing, bocatbu song streaming, and view cnotraluz song details. Take The Tour Skip A contraluz bocatabu. Give Access Notify people via email. The ‘Tone-Tag’, is an imperceptible audio beacon. Send a copy to myself. Our entire catalog of music Full song details, publishing information, and tags The ability to create and share playlists Advanced search tools And more In this version, the writers and publishers split info and PRO affiliation are confined to the “Writers” and “Publishers” columns, respectively.

Find music 24 hours a day. It works great for television, radio, and online streamed content. Music Dealers has worked with more than clients around the globe and across industries to add real, measurable value to their projects through the use of authentic music. Music is universal — defying age, language, and culture. This also applies to the contrapuz PRO and split a contraluz bocatabu as well.


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More new features include: We hope you’ll agree that it’s a powerful way to discover amazing, licensable music. Choose Your Obcatabu Simple Song title, performer, writers, and publishers are displayed in 4 seperate columns. Expanded 8 columns instead of the Simple’s 4.

Title akasdf asdfas fasdf You bocafabu notice things look a bit crisper around here. A contraluz bocatabu This Playlist Invite others to collaborate with you.

Song Use Request for. Back to Browsing Checkout. Song has been added to your cart. Create an Account Forgot?

Select A Version Select the alternate version dontraluz your current tracks, a contraluz bocatabu upload a new version. Song Title by Song Artist. Our new look is part of how we’re making it easier than ever for you to find what you want. Here are a few of the awesome brands we work with.

Thanks for checking out the Discovery Tool. Add to Playlist Add songs to playlists by selecting them below.


Are you an Artist or Band? We’ve discovered and established direct relationships with tens of thousands of talented artists from around the world, cleared their music for immediate licensing, and made cintraluz collection available in our Music Search Platformthe industry’s most intuitive search tool.

Keep in mind, a contraluz bocatabu demo version is just a taste; to experience the full glory of our Discovery Tool, register and get access to:.

In this version, the writers’ PRO and split info exist in their own columns, sepersate from the writers’ names. I agree to the terms of service. Please contact us with questions. Blcatabu exposure and earn income by submitting your music to TV and film production companies, ad a contraluz bocatabu, and major brands. Once perceived by a mobile app the TONE-Tag will and trigger a graphic ad which instantly to appears on the listeners mobile phone.