Could be a number of issues including networking or server setup. This was great software until they were bought out by Schein. Has a multitude of useful features, and add on applications which make it adaptable to meet the needs of our our most tech savvy customers. Everything needed is built in to the software. I’ve shared your suggestions around additional customization on patient charting with our Product Management Team and difficulties in contacting customer service with our Management overseeing customer service. Schein clearly wants people to buy Impromed for a lot more money, and admits that they pulled most of the programming staff away from Avimark.

avimark software

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However, everytime we call Avimark for the hardware support, we are told it’s not their problem and we need to call our IT guy.

I’ve used Avimark and Cornerstone as veterinary software and feel Avimark is much more user friendly at least avimadk version available through My staff finds Avimark easy to use when it works. Not being cloud-based really is the nail in the coffin for this software. User friendly, customizable and very well rounded.

I have used this program for 18 years now. Very easy to use. The patient records can hold so much information from pictures to scans. Contrary to several other reviewers postings, I would highly recommend purchasing and maintaining the annual software support program.


AVImark Reviews and Pricing –

I expect the low reviews reflect trouble with the hospital network and hardware. Avimark is what all other veterinary programs aspire to be!!!! Their product crashing has resulted in some practices being hit with a major loss of income.

Medical record it generates, SOAP medical condition, running reports. I find it cumbersome to work with as it takes a lot of clicks to find the area you want inpatient medical record.

AVImark Software – Reviews, Pricing & Demo

Our hospitals have been using electronic medical records in conjunction with Avimark’s Medical SOAP format for the past 7 years; we would never consider going back to paper records.

When it does freeze up of course. I bought a new server, upgraded my internet, and spent thousands on IT help.

avimark software

I don’t feel it’s very user friendly unless you pay them to show you how to use everything. The costs is very competitive, the support costs are very inexpensive, and the program is excellent.

AVImark Software

Can be integrated with other services. Definitely would not recommend this software for multiple hospitals.

These programs are far superior and much more user friendly. Our product management team is always looking for feedback so improvements can be made–I’ve shared this with them.

This was great software until they avvimark bought out by Schein. It can manage both hospital side of things and also boarding. Once we resolve these issues, we release fixes that typically solve the problem.


Sometimes there seems to be a problem with Avimark and other programs working together. Long Time User Pros Very user friendly. I have not paid for support since as their support teams became more and more uneducated in the product and the updates kept killing the program and it would take months sometimes never for them to correct something they broke.

avimark software

Cons It can be difficult to navigate sometimes. Due to this extensive usage I am intimately familiar with the program, the sofwtare technicians, and all of it’s features. Great Software with Many Flexible Features. Was built for small Hospitals in the beginning and has not been able expand to fulfill the needs of today’s larger practices.

Didn’t offered all the features we were looking for and we were aiming for something with a bit more support specially something that would also support the hardware so we didn’t had to go and deal with multiple vendors.

We only had it for 30 days as a trial basis to see if it would suit our needs. I’ll pass along your notes regarding whiteboard to our Product Management Team.

It’s hard to maintain server when other options are there.