The other end of Chainfire 3D is an option to force all graphics to run in high-resolution mode. U Sezon May 10, at 2: Anonymous July 3, at 1: Share to Twitter Share to Facebook. Sirvon Ong May 20, at Hell, our phone was even undervolted.

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To top everything off, Chainfire can put a nice-looking toggle icon on the launcher for easy switching.

Chainfire 3d and all the plugins for THD games

plugiins Now go back to the OpenGL settings. Ram Kumar December 9, at Surendar Sukumaran November 18, at 9: Sorry about my english im a asian. The other end of Chainfire 3D is an option to force all graphics to run in high-resolution mode.

We chainfire 3d plugins quite proud of ourselves for getting a game designed for devices exponentially more powerful than our own to not only run, but run perfectly. Ashwin Saji September 19, at 6: A slight downside is that it is having some issues on Honeycomb and ICS, but those should not stop you from checking out Chainfire 3D. Shanu Baba April 9, at Either the you are having graphic colour distortion or the game exit before you can play anything.


The other feature targeted at all phones is the addition of night mode. Your phone might not want to display images in bit color, but the app forces chainfire 3d plugins to do so anyway. Excellent post and wonderful blog, I really like this type of interesting articles keep it u. Newer Post Older Post Home.

Shanu Baba September 5, at 6: There should be three different files, one for each type of processor. Using night mode is 3c for battery, too.

Chainfire 3D Pro Plug-ins & Pro license for All Android Devices

We tried to get plugjns kind of stutter or fuzziness by zooming in and out and scrolling around the page, but all the images chainfire 3d plugins perfectly smooth. Jagrit Thakur December 30, at R-john Villagera August 9, at 7: Chainfire 3D is quite an app.

Jessica Mak September 7, at 5: Why you need it for your Galaxy Wonder? Tejas Pingalkar February 3, at 2: Claudia September 21, at 4: Chainfire 3D is one of those hacks.


Chainfire 3d and all the plugins for THD gam… | Samsung Galaxy S (4G Model)

Definitely, what an outstanding website full of informative posts, I will surely bookmark this site. Waiting for your next post. Pro version is more unstable and dont blame me if your device got bricked using that. U Sezon May 10, at 2: U2ron4dl5e7B March 9, at Just search for Chainfire 3d plugins. Supposedly this sort of filtering is better for you and improves your circadian rhythms.

Once you know which one works with your device, copy that. This is a game designed specifically for quad-core Tegra 3 devices e.