Dota2 News Patch 6. The name of the Dota Ai map Maybe you have not the last version of Warcraft III. Anonymous October 20, at 4: Anonymous September 8, at

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Anonymous March 3, at 7: Anonymous November 30, at 7: Anonymous November 4, at It says the map is too big.

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What still haven’t released yet oh boy I think this Harekke guy is a slowpoke I mean it’s so long to make the damn ai map why are you so slow??? Anonymous October 30, at Anonymous November 7, at 3: Anonymous May 10, at 1: Anonymous November 24, at 3: Anonymous May 3, at 1: Anonymous August 3, at 5: YouSoff July 4, at 5: Anonymous December 21, at Anonymous April 19, at 6: Anonymous March 18, at 1: Please made fountain mode. Anonymous May 2, at 6: Anonymous April 20, at 9: Since only u have been the one complaining about version switcher.


I hope he will be release dota 6. Anonymous October 12, at 1: Sometimes time passes so slowly it looks to have stopped Anonymous June 29, at Anonymous October 24, at 9: Anonymous February 22, at 8: Hero Faceless Void – Darkterror.

Anonymous August 23, at I lose in Dota coz I forgot to buy ironwood branch in dat game. Maybe you have not the last version of Warcraft III.

Anonymous January 26, at 4: HideAnthrax September 18, at 8: Dota2 News Patch 6. Do you think it’s easy to backport, create, and si AI?

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Friday, March 2, DotA 6. Anonymous June 16, at 3: If you’re whining about “plz 6. I guess buffmelpzz is much more faster than this new harekke guy in making ai map