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Although Ranma does learn the same technique, his personality is much more suited to using emotions of confidence and arrogance, naming his own technique “Moko Takabisha”. She was more accepting than they had ever expected, mostly because she eventually began to suspect that Ranma and Ranko were, in fact, the same person. Though he himself claims to be a model martial artist, and makes a point of telling Ranma about the right thing to do, he is not above acting cowardly, stealing a dowry, or only looking out for his own well being. Ever since then Ryoga turns into a black piglet when doused with cold water, which makes his constant wanderings much more dangerous from hungry hunters and predators, and he initially carries a large grudge at Ranma for that once he learned the truth. He is technically almost, but not quite in the same league as Ranma and Ryoga, apparently at least as strong as the former, and likely deadlier than either, though he has never managed to come out the victor in any confrontations with them, despite fighting unarmed combatants. Ranma is attacked while on the street by Pink, but cured by Link; not knowing that they are twins, Ranma lashes at Link, which causes her to run away from him.

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Mikado, her partner and classic playboy, in particular is often the target of her assaults with blunt objects. Like Ukyo’s other suitor Tsubasa Kurenai, his face and body appear feminine when fully clothed. The Guide is also an expert on the local area, being knowledgeable about the Chinese Amazons and their customs. If he is isolated with a cat in a very small space, or when he can no longer cope with his fear of cats, he begins behaving like saofome cat himself and becomes a master of the ‘Cat Fu’, and only Akane can calm him down.


Unlike the rest of the cast, Cologne seems to prefer to sit in the background and watch the madness unfold. Saotomw first fight showcases their strengths, and it is a close match. Hot water, as with the rest of the Jusenkyo-cursed characters, can change him back into human form. He possesses knowledge in ancient martial arts techniques, near-forgotten pressure points on a human body, recipes for alchemical concoctions with various effects, and knowledge of many Chinese and Japanese magical artifacts.

He goes into withdrawals if he is unable to participate in such activities, which causes him to almost die at one point. Although Ranma does learn the same technique, his personality is much more suited to using emotions of confidence and arrogance, naming his own technique “Moko Takabisha”.

During the time when Genma took Ranma on a decade-long training voyage to improve their benma arts skills, he insisted on going to Jusenkyo in China – a place which he believed to be a training ground.

He has also stated a goal to “take over the world”, but seems very clueless in this endeavor. She uses her cheerleading tools to attack opponents, such as using batons as bludgeons, or throwing them with incredible stealth and accuracy, to knock out an opposing team without notice, whether directly or through ricochets.

He studied under the founder of the style, Happosai, with Genma, who is a close friend. Excited about this item? Kiima is part seabirdthe loyal, crafty, proud, haughty, and petty captain of his guard, as well as an expert swordswoman, spy, and seductress. If he failed, he and Ranma were to commit seppukua ritual suicide common among the samurai. Ryoga is largely clumsy with his own strength when he is not engaging in combat, often going through walls and destroying property whenever he feels embarrassed.

Shipping Info Where Can it Ship? To purchase this product you must first purchase the product below. He is raised without female contact, as is every other male, and before being married, he attempts to use a spring to familiarize himself with women by transforming a monkey.

The non-articulated, non-scale figure stands 6.

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Rumiko Takahashi herself has described Ranma’s personality as a mixture of nice, clean-cut, frank, energetic, indecisive, stubborn, picky, stingy and sly, [1] and has stated that she finds flawless characters rather boring. Sasuke is exclusive to the anime, and takes over many of Hikaru Gosunkugi’s parts before that character is introduced later in the anime.


Please contact us if you have any questions about a comment or the Guidelines. Akane’s sister Nabiki often sells him photographs of “the pigtailed girl” in various states of undress.

As a combatant, Ukyo has been shown to be exactly equal to Shampoo in terms of ability. Because they were treated like slaves, they eventually sealed him within a cave and opened their own schools. When Akane wants it back, Azusa challenges her to a match to determine the rightful owner. Tsubasa is not a trained martial artist, but he has proven to possess strength ample enough to roughhouse Ranma, and he can still cause trouble with his ridiculous tactics and unpredictability.

The “Asura” form can create lightning storms, or small flaming rocks from her hands, sheathe her body in protective fire, and manifest a turbulent revolving inferno literal “fire storm”as well as emit a blinding flash of light.

Genma “Pops, Old Man” Saotome

Okite Yaburi no Gekitou-hen!! His ki attack is named the “Shi Shi Hokodan”, or “Lion’s Roar Shot”, which in the anime is inconsistently displayed as either a green or red globe, alternately a beam, of energy. Archived copy as title link http: While Ukyo seems to have a better defense Shampoo appears to have a stronger offense. Although Mousse’s view is blurry without his glasses and below average even with them, saohome has apparently learned to compensate ssaotome it in combat, as this has not hindered him from maintaining high accuracy entirely without assistance.

Unfortunately, he is not very efficacious, and usually informs the unfortunate cursed victim too late about the curse that has fallen on them.