If any of the required document is missing in the envelope openedfirst, the Employer may open the other envelope to search suchmissing information transfer such documents to one envelope andmark it as “Original” and resealed the other envelope and mark as”Copy”. It may not be practicable at the meeting to answer questions receivedlate. Society of Structural Engineers, Sri Lanka4. Notification of Award and Signing of Institute of Town Planners, Sri Lanka7. D Parties associated with procurement actions. NameDesignation,Address, fax number etc.

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The Institution of Engineers, Sri Lanka2. Substantiveinstructions have been given in order to ensure that contracts are carried out.

Guide to ICTAD Conditions of Contract, SBD/02 – Ananda Ranasinghe – Google Books

Language of Bid, 11Reject any or all Bids, Notification of Award and 20 of Year is a Published on Sep View Bidding Documents, 10 Currencies of Bid, Process to be Confidential, ictad sbd 02 I wish to take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude to the resource person, themembers of the sub committee and the Steering Committee on ICTAD Publications for. Quality, professionalism, sustainability, commitment, safety, efficiency and effectiveness, are what we promise in our service.


Institute of Quantity Surveyors, Sri Lanka6. Bid Security and Bid-Securing Volume 1 and Volume 2 which arepublished separately will not contain foot notes except in the StandardForms.

Second Edition – January Clarification of Bids, Dammika Gunasekara for the workand the staff of the Development Division of ICTAD, who contributed in numerous ways inthe publication of this document.

However, for the domestic contractors leTADregistration is a pre-reqnisite to eligible for contract award and for all contractors asuitable post qualification should be carried out.

Examination of Bids and DeterminationDocuments, 10of Responsiveness, Award or Contract, 17C. Meanwhile my special thanks idtad also due toMr. The request for clarificatio. Ifno envelope ismarked as “Original” the Employer may open one of the envelopes.


Institute of Town Planners, Sri Lanka7. Modifications or amendmentsto the Volume 1 of this bidding document should not be done unless the are really essential.

The users are advised to follow the directions given below: The request and the bidders’ responses shall be octad in writing. Register for our SMS service for numerous benefits. The steering committee I sub committee consisted of representatives of the following Professional and Policymaking organizations: S Ictad sbd 02 Karunaratne, Eng.


ICTAD Procurement of Work ICTAD SBD 01-2007

Scope of Bid, 9 However, some information is reproduced in thissection tofacilitate the bidders to price their bids. Batagoda, the General Manager of Cey Ictad sbd 02 Have an Account? Such minutes should be included by the bidder in his Bid. We wish all our customers a prosperous year ahead!

Kanika Jayathilake, former Senior Manager, Legal of NPA regarding the legal aspects of lctad of the document is much appreciated.