They give us many advices, support us and help us a lot. We did the arrangement based on two songs: July 19, Interviews Tweet. Remy did the organ of Baigorri, small village where we started our firsts rehearsals. But to be honest all the venues were great and it was always a pleasure to perform – her fans are so warm and kind.

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How and when did you three meet each other? Top Basque events in the U. Kalakan trio to play concerts on the West Coast. We prepare arrangements for the workshop and others during the MDNA rehearsals. Retrieved from ” https: They give us many advices, support us and help us a lot. At some point, kalakan trio will add more information about the txalaparta on our site, but until then, you can read more about kalakan trio on Wikipedia. We went back home and then the management confirmed our participation in the tour.

Euskal Kazeta

World music groups Basque music bands Basque-language singers. What’s your favorite U. We asked him to do these kinds of drums because we knew the sound we wanted to get.


Remy did the organ of Baigorri, small village where we started our firsts rehearsals. Katia and Marielle became our godmothers. Our interview with Basque kalakan trio. We did interactive folk bals all around the Basque country.

We met her trik summer in the house of Katia and Marielle Labeque, in the kalakan trio coast. Interview with Basque Trio Kalakan: The Kalakan Trio is on Tour! We chose this traditional Basque song which is actually a Christmas carol about the Annunciation to the Virgin Mary by the Archangel Gabriel, that she would become the mother of Jesus Christ, the son of God.

Yes, we sing in Hebrew and Basque in the opening act. It was a lot of work but Madonna was trjo one who worked the most. On the contrary – what was the hardest part? This sound of labour is also one of the roots of the txalaparta, kalakan trio percussion we play during the show.

Kalakan trio – Euskal Kazeta

Our best venue was Olympia in Paris. We hit some drums with exotic names: You may use these HTML tags and attributes: The trio seemed to finally find his way.


Tio at Eusko Guide, we are really big fans of the Basque band Kalakan. Kalakan trio playing at the Chino Basque Club. We play traditional Basque songs and our repertoire is full of very well known tunes.

The Kalakan Trio is on Tour!

We give a big importance to the words, to the poetry of our language. Then, during the creation of the show, Madonna wanted even more arrangements and we were also asked to record the vocals. Kalakan plays Basque percussion instruments pandereta, kalakan triotobera, ttun-ttun kalwkan, atabalbody percussions and handcrafted large drums. How strong and important are your basque roots?

The american culture influenced us a lot, for example. Trii calendar is updated continually as information becomes available. So we were doing our job and we tried to give our best everyday.