Was there a particular moment at which you decided you wanted to pursue a career as a solo producer? Got any tip-offs for us? Who are your favourite producers around at the moment? I wanted to tell my own stories. She brings her loyal dance followers to the floor with her infectious, soulful DJ sets that intoxicate dance floors everywhere.

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Get social share planet notion twitter facebook. Got any tip-offs for us? Please click continue to agree with our privacy policy. Leave a Reply Login with Login with Facebook. Who are your favourite producers around at the moment? I also like to get sucked into TV series marathons and watch a season in like 3 days, but then my feelings get hurt when the season ends and I try to find another show. I never expected to be in music, to be honest, but looking back I can see that it made me extra thirsty for music and nightlife outlets, as well.

After collaborating with Hercules and Love Affair for two albums, she decided to part ways to choose her own musical adventure. I got to know a lot of dance music because of DJs that came through, and also through mixtapes I collected from them.

I love fkxman nice meals with friends and chilling low-key, really. Freestyle was really huge in Hawaii at the time I was growing up and I think that influenced my ear towards the dannce of drum machines and electronic music in general.


Kim Ann Foxman, Return It / Hypnotic Dance EP – Little White Earbuds

Fkxman your upbringing there influenced you at all as a musician? From there she was off to New York throwing decadently notorious party at The Hole which-closed-and-now reopened-as-The Cock. The “creatures” can’t wait to shake their bodies for her.

Was there a particular moment at which you decided you wanted to pursue a career as a solo producer?

Albums et singles de Kim Ann Foxman

For the past few years Kim Ann Foxman has been brewing a club cult following across the globe; crisscrossing everywhere from Japan to Cologne and Chicago she’s established herself as one of the most sought after DJs and artists on the house scene.

Email will not be shared, required. Happy, and with a finished album. This site uses cookies to give you znn better browsing experience. More singles, remixes, appearances, and yes, I plan to finish my full-length solo album in Technotronic changed my life and sent me straight to dance music.

kim ann foxman hypnotic dance

Planet Notion » Interview: Kim Ann Foxman

Duke Dumont Bugged Out Interview: I was a huge fan of the freestyle and RnB that was on the danxe. John Selway also did a beautiful remix for me, as well, which is available digitally. I love those boys. I like to try to think of fun, creative things, to not to be stuck in routines; finding random adventures to go on.


After that came the well-documented and celebrated years with Hercules and Love Affair. You grew up in Hawaii: Friday 4th January Search go. When technotronic came out, I was blown away — that world was so far away from me, and I wanted more dance music; I knew that much. Website by The Random Agency.

Recent Entries Soundchecking with… Shlohmo.

Kim Ann Foxman – Return It / Hypnotic Dance Album

What are your plans for ? She is also keeping busy between New York, Berlin, and London working with other artists on collaborations that will soon be released, as well working on her debut solo album.

I did grow up in Hawaii, and Kom feel very lucky for that. Populette are awesome; they also happen to be my studio mates and I knew they would put extra love into my remix: