You should not double upload your resource, ask Orcnet the map moderator to set your map to pending again. The 1st time was with a fail description. Nov 29, Messages: If one picture speaks a thousand words imagine what one video can do! Special Super Duper Thanks to: Join in on a ride of a 4v4 melee experience!

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Nevermore,Mirana,Pudge,GM Wars v2.8

You are to make a Cinematic mags sound-track for this contest, so come and compete with other people for fun. Why people never read rules. Log in or Sign up. Some more stuff about map This one should not bother people with too much information like Map Info or Features Jan 30, Messages: No, create an account now.

Map Info Map info is the place where your main description should be. Multi-upload, use the update button at the top right to update your resource. Grand Magus 1 – Can learn: Join in on a ride of a 4v4 melee experience! AwzomeWulfzzMay 27, Your name or email address: AlmiaMay 27, This way, you will promote your map and increase its popularity and fame really fast.


Mirana The Elune’s Arrow – Can learn: Are you nevermorf to upload your awesome map to Hive? Please review the rules here.

Nevermore,Mirana,Pudge,GM Wars v – Warcraft 3 Maps – Epic

Nov 29, Messages: Jul 31, Messages: Credits Credits v always be listed even ingame, you may think that they aren’t useful for your map or your map description, but trust me, a map without a credits list is fail.

Join the 11th Music Contest! Apr 24, Messages: The 30th edition of the Modeling Contest is finally up! Nevermore The Shadow Fiend – Can learn: The Frozen Throne Recommended version: I already saw this uploaded 2 times.

Please review the rules here. Your name or email address: If one picture speaks a thousand words imagine what one video can do!

Nevermore vs Mirana vs Pudge vs Grand Magus

This granc is marked as substandard. Also good, is to check if the map is balanced, maybe recently added abilities are boring compared to existing ones, who knows, maybe once the map becomes really popular, then maybe your opinion will be grrand worthy than one told by a player! We have a new contest going on right now!


Paste links in your Idea Factory Threads PsP New in this Version: Choose which entry should win in the 19th Terraining Contest Poll.