Carrier pipe shall be adequately supported inside casing pipe using casing insulators made of durable and electrically non-conductive materials. The participative process followed in standard formulation has resulted in excellent level of compliance by the industry culminating in a safer environment in the industry. An intermediate pigging station is and installation having facility for receiving and launching of pigs for pipeline cleaning operation. The company or organization to whom LPG is delivered from the cross country pipeline owned and operated by a company called supplier company for further use or movement. In addition lock open isolation valve downstream of relief valve shall be provided if vent is connected to flare header.

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Dasgupta Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd. Online water analyser may be installed at the originating pump station to detect any free water in the LPG being oisc.

Oisd 214 lack of uniformity, coupled with feedback from some serious accidents that occurred in the recent past in India and abroad, emphasised the need for the industry to review the existing state of art in designing, operating and oisd 214 oil and gas installations. This standard is applicable to pipeline facilities as per Scope Outline Sketch enclosed as Annexure I. The primary purpose of this standard is to establish norms for safety in design, olsd, construction, inspection, testing, operation and maintenance of cross country LPG Pipelines and also for protection 2144 employees, public and facilities against the hazard associated with transportation of LPG Pipeline system.

Terminal station is the last station on the pipeline used for delivery of product to consumer s through full cut only. The test oisd 214 shall be maintained for a minimum period of twenty four 24 hours. Protective measures such as metallic bonding, increased protection current, supplementary coating, electrical isolation, galvanic osd, De-coupling devices such as Polarization cell or any other suitable method may be adopted for such interference mitigation.


Piping in the vicinity of repair shall pisd adequately supported during and after the repair. Leak and burst records Records pertaining to routine or unusual inspections, such oisr external or internal line conditions f Pipeline repair records oisd 214 History cards of equipment.

For Boiler and Pressure Vessel. Some of the protective measures which the design engineer may provide are encasing with steel pipe of larger diameter, adding concrete protective coating, increasing the oisd 214 thickness of the pipe, lowering the pipeline to a greater depth or indicating the presence of the pipeline with additional markers. The Environment Protection Act c.

Cross Country Lpg Pipelines Oisd-std Dt Final – Free Download PDF

The coating shall be such that it can be easily applied in field conditions. The accessibility of mobile firefighting equipment to LPG pumps and other station equipment iv. The commissioning operation shall be controlled and supervised by authorized personnel.

Though every effort has been made to assure the accuracy and reliability of the data contained in these documents, OISD hereby expressly disclaims any oisd 214 or responsibility for loss or oiss resulting from their use.

A oisd 214 maintenance procedure shall be developed for entire pipeline system considering the recommendation oisd 214 by original equipment manufacturer bearing in mind the local conditions. Emergency organization structure shall be drawn encompassing individual section i. A fire wall shall be provided for the protection of the deluge valve and for operating personnel.

Sen Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. A weep hole with nipple at low point shall be provided on the vent 21 in order to drain the rain water which may get accumulated otherwise. The angles for all railway crossings shall be as close to 90 degrees as possible, but in no case less than 85 degrees to the centre line of the railway line. BS Specification for Steel globe and globe stop and check valves flanged and butt-welding ends for the petroleum, petrochemical and allied industries.


Cross Country Lpg Pipelines Oisd-std-214 Dt 10.10.2013 Final

Approvals, procedures and special consideration as per API Publication shall be observed oisd 214 welding as well as hot tapping on pipeline, vessels or tanks which are under pressure. The type of survey should be decided based on coating condition. Oisd 214 for anticorrosion coating shall specify, as a minimum, the following requirements: Location of anode beds shall be physically identifiable at the field and also properly marked on the as built drawing.

The following indications 24 be incorporated in the control rooms of both supplier and consumer company. The availability of space for future augmentation of facilities keeping in view of complying safety norms. M of surface area to be considered. Pipes 241 fitting manufactured to standards listed in Annexure- IX of this standard should be used. Pump shall operate in sequence with defined oidd oisd 214 starting and shut down.

During TLP installation on pressurized pipelines or iisd, precautions shall be taken to avoid possible failure of the pipeline or mains due to loss of material strength at the elevated welding temperature.

As applied to valves, it is the concept of controlling leakage to an acceptable level after damage encountered during and after the fire achieved by dual seating.