Although it comes with a number of chord progressions built-in, you are not limited to these and can add your own chords and furthermore there are many phrasing options too as well as options for piano and guitar chords. There are a large number of scales and modes and a number of generators to create musical phrases which can be used as is or you can edit them to suit your needs. Haven’t received registration validation E-mail? Though if someone were to sell phrase libraries that could easily be changed. A lot of the power of RapidComposer comes in its ability to generate phrases which you can then edit, resize and add variations to. You can add variety with chord phrasings, variations to phrases such as humanising, adding swing and velocity. You can then change colour, instrument and preset as required.


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Phrases always conform to the current chord and scale rpaidcomposer the master track. Andrulian’s blog Andrulian’s blog Creating sounds Making music supporting fellow musicians reflections in time.

This review is for the full license of RapidComposer, version 3.


I also created a second song from scratch rather than editing the first one. The killer for me though was the video showing it as a melody generator track vst within Reaper! It is possible to tell the plug-in to use a different executable than the last used executable.


You arpidcomposer commenting using your WordPress. You can add chords to the master track by using a scale and specifying rules, absolute arpidcomposer or random chords.

VST Use And Configuration [RapidComposer]

The user interface and the keyboard shortcuts can be fully customized. The icon for the file menu is which brings up a list of options for saving, exporting etc. I could do more with this in 30 mins, than with 30 days in Cubase, LOL! This album was 17 songs combining two albums actually.

RapidComposer 30% off till September 10 | Cakewalk Forums

I recommend getting the full version, the tools it has to create starting compositions are much better in it. The full version demo has a few features missing but is good enough to get the gist. Set your preferred colors, font size, button shapes, borders with several themes included. You can also choose whether to use absolute chords or chords with scale degrees.

Those generators are excellent. Structure and surface are wonderfully entangled in RapidComposer, casting a tool that puts ideas, form and texture at the forefront as never before.

It is very well designed and improved continuously by it’s totally dedicated developer. It was itching at my brain all day rapidcompoxer. Just draw a note, select the chord from a menu, and that’s it. The preview settings are stored by the VST host and restored when the project is loaded. Computer Music Innovation Award, May. I grabbed Rapid Composer the full edition on Friday and so far I am pretty rapiccomposer.


Use variations to change phrases non-destructively. Essentials Only Full Version. Dapidcomposer for the heads up Matt.

With it I’ve been able to learn, explore, and use more music theory than just about anything else.

Conclusions RapidComposer is a very impressive and inspirational tool. Every time I see this on sale I am tempted. I had a 1 measure piano phrase, 2 blank measures, then a different 1 measure piano phrase and the program created a 2 measure phrase to connect the first measure to the fourth Customizable UI The user interface and the keyboard shortcuts can be fully customized.

RapidComposer v3.6

This scenario can be worked with further, using Scenario 3 below. Although Reaper seems complicated, we find its routing pretty easy to grasp.


The VST plug-in needs to know where the standalone executable resides.