Sparkling Gems is arranged in a devotional format with more than 1, in-depth Greek word studies, crafted into daily devotions that are sure to inspire and provoke you to plunge deeper into your own search for more hidden treasures from God’s Word. Be the first to ask a question about Sparkling Gems from the Greek. Quotes from Sparkling Gems fr But sometimes, it would all be one day’s lesson with ten different words to comprehend. Imagine reading this scripture assuming that the word, love, has been translated from the Greek word, eros: It usually includes a little story or example to introduce the lesson that matches the day’s verse. A place of peace.

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Just the declarations or what the author calls confessions themselves are worth their weight in gold. However, the book is often slanted and influenced by American culture, rather than a biblical, discipleship world view.

Many of Renn Rick Renner pens a great book, an helpful aid to your personal devotional time. Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. He focuses a lot on the power of the Holy Spirit which is sometimes not talked a lot about in my church. Once you see the “hidden” meanings in familiar biblical passages, you will probably be inspired to do word studies on your own. This was probably the most impacting book I’ve read this year. It truly gave me a word from the Lord in many, many cases and confirmed that He knows what I need and is faithful to speak to me.

I am going to focus my review on how Renner has handled the Greek, although I perused some of his theology in places and it struck me as leaning towards a prosperity Gospel and one or two statements that I read seemed to be extremely poor theology, however onto the Greek.


I read this rick renner sparkling gems cover to cover along with my daily bible reading two consecutive years. Based on what I have read of this book and I rick renner sparkling gems presume it remains the same throughout as it is a devotional resource about half of the words that Renner handles he does so at a passable level I did not see a single example where he did so at a commendable levelabout a quarter of the words he uses at a level that sets of alarm bells and the remaining quarter of the words are vary from genuinely alarming to unforgivable.

Sparkling Gems from the Greek, with Rick Renner – Devotional Archives

Well worth the time investment. Tons of wisdom and a must have for every library! I try to read it daily and when I miss reading rick renner sparkling gems, i really miss it. Sep 21, Larkin Rucker rated it it was amazing.

Good some days, a bit dry on others. If He drops a tenner into your mind to do something, do it. There was a stretch of several days in November, I believe, where the lesson was geems marriage.

He defines faith as your heart and mind being in agreement instead of biblical faith which is believing God. Godly love never rjck. Very often Renner will take a word with a very mundane meaning and try and jam spakrling it with as much meaning as possible. Dec 29, Ariel rated it it was amazing Shelves: And I should hope that spouses would not boast to others about what goes on behind closed doors! Podcast Contact Devotionals Cancel.


Sparkling Gems II with Rick Renner Video Online

Father Roseberry, Christ Church Plano gave me this book and it is one of rick renner sparkling gems most special gifts i have received this year. To see what your friends thought rick renner sparkling gems this book, please sign up. I think this was partly because the verses were usually isolated from the surrounding verses.

I am so thankful for this book. To hems up for Sparkling Gems II daily devotional email, plus a monthly teaching letter and outreach updates visit renner. Thoroughly recommend do this one as a year long Bible Study.

Following that, there is a written prayer about the verse and a confession of faith regarding eparkling lesson learned Ex: In addition to your newsletter syou will receive email updates and special offers from Lightsource. But sometimes, it would all be one day’s lesson with ten different words to comprehend. Really good insight into the original meaning and historical context of the Wparkling in which the NT was written.

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Jan 19, Cheree rated it really liked it. Mar 09, Jose Rivas added it. If this were not bad enough I encountered two examples where Renner actually took words with a modern meaning and applied it back to the meaning of the Biblical Greek.