If you love our features, news and reviews, please support what we do with a one-off or regular donation. It will polarise the general public with its minimalistic and curse-riddled lyric content, but that is the purpose of this release, just as Williamson talks about how austerity splits the social classes. If heavy metal and techno were informed by the heavy machinery of fordist production, Sleaford Mods replicate the drudgery at the bottom end of the postfordist food chain. There’s no special claims made for the city; no grandly romantic nonsense about its worth vis-a-vis other UK cities. On the back cover the journal’s editors quoted the American writer Paul Goodman. Armed with little more than a primitive drum machine, some flabby bass guitar, and a seemingly bottomless well of gripes and grievances, Nottingham duo Sleaford Mods set most of Britain in their crosshairs on their devastating debut LP, Austerity Dogs. Streams Videos All Posts.

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Yeah i watched their glastonbury set on the telly, got my interest. Support The Quietus Make a Contribution. I’m like, “alright”‘ lol.

InfamousGrouse July 5th Comments. Best band of the last 20yrs absolutely no question. On the back cover the journal’s editors quoted the American writer Paul Goodman. Tweet Recent reviews by this author.


But the inequality remains. A handful of singles and a self-released CD-R called Wank preceded this release, but Austerity Dogswith its dead-on working-class takedowns and hard-won fury, feels like it came out of nowhere.

Austerity Dogs

EphemeralEternity March 15th Comments. The Wage Don’t Fit. DoofusWainwright July 3rd Comments. It’s all absolutely brilliant, and you’ll not hear a more unsettling piece of music than ‘Donkey”s dystopian half-hop all year.

Words like raw and honest come to mind, but really it’s the urgency of Austerity Dogs that makes it so thrilling. Final Origin July 3rd Comments. Jazz Austsrity New Age. This lends the record slfaford uncomfortable cubism — a hotchpotch of half-remembered impressions from sleaford mods austerity dogs night before coming into relief through the hangover’s haze: And so — in the form of Austerity Dogs — does its tradition of speaking and acting in order to claim your society as your own.

Sleaford Mods – Austerity Dogs (album review ) | Sputnikmusic

Just portrayals of a city alive with jazz, inequality and badly designed roundabouts. It’s in the lyrics — and their delivery — that this album really stands out, though. Both looked off their tits the whole time haha Digging: Info About The Quietus Facebook.


The rough production, lyrics and vocal delivery are an interesting listen and radical in the current UK music scene. Sleaford Mods Austerity Dogs 4.

Jolly Fucker’ — not included here — was directed by Alan Sillitoe’s son, David. Never given these gentlemen a spin but here’s sleaford mods austerity dogs good read: Inevitably, Sleaford Mods have gained comparisons with Nottingham’s favourite anti-hero Arthur Seaton indeed, Williamson has played Seaton in a Saturday Sleafor Sunday Morning -inspired event and the video for new single ‘Mr.

Sleaford Mods speaks too. As quotable as Half Man Half Biscuit, as in thrall to the rhythmic force of language as the Wu-Tang Clan and as ‘wow, where the fuck did that come from? Sexy Trippy All Moods. He’s a bouncer one minute, sleafodr punter witnessing misogynist violence the next.

He sleaford mods austerity dogs being spoken down to; he wasn’t being spoken about. In a special issue of the journal Anarchy was published, focussing on the city of Nottingham.

Tomb Mold – Manor of Infinite Forms. Sleaford Mods are guilty of increasing my usage of swear words