And this is a true fact that every person will be prosecuted along with his leader as Allah Almighty stated: Commands Lord of nature: The above mentioned view of Ibn-ul Jozi is not acceptable because the number of caliphs is 13, whereas 12 caliphs are discussed in that hadith and with the condition of: His Honour said that twelve will command this nation. Yanabe-ul Moaddah wa Umdah Ibn-e Batariq etc. So, whoever obeyed them, obeyed me and whoever disobeyed them, disobeyed me, and whoever denied any of them, denied me. Let us look at some other traditions before concluding on Mu’awiya:

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Is he then who is a believer like he who is a transgressor fasiq? The key difference between Sunni and Shi’a on the topic of Imamate is in relation to the meaning of Maula used by Rasulullah s about Imam ‘Ali as. Al-Tahir should be counted tenth because he hkulafa the symbol of justice and fairness.

The hadith of twelve caliphs is stronger than the hadith of 30 years caliphate for several logics, detail is following: They are just like a boat; whoever took a ride in it got salvation. They are not equal.

Tareekh ul Khulafa

It is worth remembering that criticizing anyone without any argument is useless and pathetic. This is clear from above referred commandments that the hearts of true caliphs are occupied by Quran and Sunnah, not dominated by greed and lust.

Let us look at some other tareekh ul khulafa before concluding on Mu’awiya: If she became pregnant and delivered a child and some days had passed after her delivery, she would send for all of them and none of them could refuse to come, and when they all gathered before her she would say to them “You all tateekh what you have done and now I have given birth to a child.


Every fair-minded person can easily choose the right path and every person can easily decide that who is Imam ahl-ul Jannah leader of Paradise inhabitants kuulafa who is Imam ahl-ul Nar leader of Hell damned. This does not prove that these would be one after the other.

Books :: History :: Tareekh-ul-Khulafa

Yazid is on one side and the other side is Hazrat Imam Husain Peace be on him. We would urge fareekh Sunni brethren to refrain from such actions. More on Mu’awiya’s ‘noble’ birth We read in Muasalib ibne Sa’man munkool uz thun’zeey al Nasab page 97 that: He will disappear and then come for rebellion. About Mu’awiya’s transgression, it is either Mu’awiyah thought that the truth lies with him or that he was deliberate in his transgression.

This Surah revealed in the last age of His Honour. Usool-e-Kafi by Allama Muhammad Kulaini: His Honour said that twelve will command this tareekh ul khulafa. Inform me the names of these men. Mu’awiya wrote to me asking about the ambiguous hermaphrodite” History of the Khalifas who took the right way Tareekh ul khulafa English translation of Suyuti’s Tarikh’ul Khulafa” page An enemy of ‘Ali as is an enemy of Allah swt We read in Tarewkh al Nadira Volume 3 page that Rasulullah s declared: So, it has become evident that if it is obligatory for every Muslim of ummah to follow the seerat memoir of His Honour then it would be certainly compulsory for the tareskh of the Prophet to follow the seerat traeekh His Honour and avoid immorality and corruption.


And his empire would have spread from the east to the west.

Tareekh Ul Khulafa By Imam Suyuti.pdf

These hadiths would be discussed in following pages. Each one among them would be practicing the right religion and guidance. If sins tareekh ul khulafa be removed by repentance then why do the Ahl’ul Sunnah condemn those that rebelled against Abu Bakr and incited insurgency against Uthman?

And, then they will lhulafa get more time. First five caliphs would be in the generation of the elder son i.

Tareekh ul Khulafa by Imam Jalaludin Suyuti | Faakhir Islamic & Education Books

Tareekh ul khulafa to him, seven caliphs are remaining and he writes about five caliphs: Remember me on this computer.

Hadith-ul Khulafa Saying about Caliphs — The Spiritual Successors 35 Some quotations of the delivered texts hadith of the Blessed Prophet with regard to Hadith-ul Khulafa, in this book, are given below: Although, the list of twelve caliphs given by Hafiz ibn Hajr Asqalani is very much famous and known and also printed in tareekh ul khulafa books of doctrines, but the words of: Perhaps, told us so that we are also stressed, similarly.

They have declared that twelve Caliphs are meant our twelve Imams. Ahle-Sunnat has mentioned some meaning of this commandment: