Vimeography helps keep my weekly content fresh while making it easy for people to catch up on past videos. You can safely remove the Vimeography Bugsauce plugin if you have it installed. With Pro, you can sort your videos, create playlists, show unlimited videos, and allow your users to download your videos. Fixed an issue where videos were cached regardless of setting. Gain additional features with Vimeography PRO. Removed some old, unused javascript.

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Updated theme folder indexing preferences. If you purchased a theme prior to this release, you will be emailed an updated version in the coming weeks so that you can take advantage of this feature. Not every video vimeography pro make is meant to be seen by everyone. The Vimeography Pro WordPress plugin tightly integrates with Vimekgraphy Pro to help you get the most out of your video galleries.

Vimeography | WordPress Video Gallery Plugin for your Vimeo Videos

Creating your own theme If you know how to use the interwebz and PHP, you may also be vimeography pro in creating your own theme. Displaying Galleries Vimeography works by using WordPress shortcode.

Unless someone forgot to oil the machine, Vimeography should have worked its magic and successfully created your first gallery. Vimeography themes are treated as WordPress plugins. Fork me on github!


Added l10n compatible strings.

Entire plugin was reworked, should be much quicker and more reliable. Downloadable Videos Display expiring links to allow your users to download your videos. Dave Kiss, Creator of Vimeography. Vimeography is only compatible with WordPress version 3. Gain additional features with Vimeography PRO. Direct Links Get a sharable link that shows a specific video in your gallery.

Instead of creating albums or channels to show off your work, you can now create portfolios to hold your vimeography pro work and display them on your blog.

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An excellent support service, help in the configuration, quick response to vimeography pro problems that arise with the use of the wordpress themes and any incident.

Fixed an issue where the active theme was not shown as in use. This code has been private for 5 months, so thanks for all the bug reports! Vimeography is a free WordPress plugin that allows you to create your own Netflix style website with beautiful, vimeography pro Vimeo video galleries in 30 seconds, tops! Hidden videos Hide your secret videos on Vimeo, but show them vimeoggraphy your own site.

Vimeography: Vimeo Video Gallery WordPress Plugin

Fixed an issue where videos were cached regardless of setting. I had to fix some small problem, i e-mailed their support and in few hours i had my problem solved!

In the toolbar of the page content editor, click the button. This can be caused by a multitude of vimeography pro, so try the following vieography the order of appearance: Show every video you’ve created over the years. Note that this will not delete any of your actual videos from your Vimeo source.


This can be caused by a multitude of things, so try the following in the order of appearance:. These controls vary by theme, but include controls for thumbnail vimeography pro, spacing, border thickness, and more. Vimeography will load your template for the defined module instead of the default one for your theme. Vimeographt your settings page, click the Videos tab. All of your installed themes are listed underneath your gallery preview.

Vimeography Pro

We even vimeographu options for gallery search, privacy support, appearance controls and more. All themes come with one year vimeography pro updates and support. Duplicating a gallery You may want to make a copy of a gallery so that you can use it as a working template for a new gallery.

Display expiring links to allow your users to download your videos.